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Philosophy of Health and Healing
My Spiritual Belief


Natural Cure or Drugs and Surgery?

Childhood, Mature Onset

Autoimmune Diseases
You Have Choices To Make

Childhood Illnesses
Manage Without Drugs

What You Really Need To Know

Avoid, Management

Digestive Problems
Don't Just Treat the Symptoms

Fibromyalgia / CFS
Latest Natural Treatments

Headache / Migraine
Address The Causes

Healthy Skin
Acne? Dermatitis?

Immunise Without Vaccines
How You Provide Natural Immunity

Male And Female

The Calcium Myth

Skin Cancers
Don't Make This Mistake

Thyroid Diseases
Hypo-, Hyper-

Weight Management
Natural, Sustained, Healthy

Plus many more…

How Black Salve is being Applied & Used to Treat Skin & Breast Cancers in the 21st Century

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To find your way around easily, the Links contain some of my favourites, we hope you enjoy these too.  And the Products we advertise on this website are key health products, and are available through this website, with considerable discounts, and for your convenience. 

In my Blog section, I will from time to time be discussing various interesting issues. And if you would like to know about a particular health issue, please email us in. 

We propose very soon to have an associated facebook page for your comments and to link with like-minded folk.

This is a site for you if you feel you have less than average health. Come on!  You deserve the very thing of which we seem all too unfamiliar - optimal health.  You may not be practising optimal health yourself, you may be so familiar with disease that you are "over it", or you may be too hung up with drugs that are far too frequently prescribed for you, and often unnecessarily, prescribed it must be said with far too little understanding of either the medium or long-term effects these toxic poisons on the unsuspecting patient, either singly or even more importantly, how the cocktail works its toxic charms!. 

Listen up a little, for your own health.  We’re all in the same boat, after all, humans just wanting to fully experience our human-ness without unnecessary down-time caused by neglect and disease, or indeed artificial medication of one’s body, spirit, psyche and soul.  I would have thought everyone would want at least that out of life?

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Better Health Through Natural Healing How to get well without drugs or surgery with Dr Ross Trattler N.D., D.O. with the assistance of Adrian Jones N.D.

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