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I had the best start in life. My mother nearly died from poor health before I was born, and through her own reading, she had come to discover the benefits of natural health, at a time I might add when modern medicine was very much in the ascendancy, and she chose her path amidst great opposition from family, friends and peers.  She took control of her own health, and maintained it till the end.

I was born in 1949 by natural delivery into her enlightened understanding of health, and became a beneficiary of her enthusiasm; breast fed till 2 years; never vaccinated (not even a tetanus shot); no antibiotics; vegetarian; encouraged to go barefoot, in the sunshine; to enjoy the benefits of organic food from our a back-yard organic garden and eggs from chooks we always had; to rest one day in 7; I never got sick.  Thank you mum!

But how often does one squander one’s birthright due to complacency?  My 30s were like  belated teenage years, discovering tobacco, alcohol, drugs, and it was not until my 40s when I came to study naturopathy, again with my mum’s encouragement, that I came to appreciate just what a great start in life I had!

I’m a qualified, naturopathic physician; some of the most amazing studies I have undertaken have been in anatomy, physiology and biochemistry, which along with nutrition I also have taught at a local Academy of Natural Therapies. I’ve studied, practiced and taught massage therapies also.

I co-wrote a 500 page best selling reference guide on health, Better Health Through Natural Healing (Hinkler Books, Melbourne, 2001, ISBN1865152595), with my friend Dr Ross Trattler, that is still available today as a handy home guide and is used in some naturopathic colleges as reference material.

I also have a degree in theology, and now whilst not ‘religious’, I am christian in philosophy; I also respect the spirituality revealed in the natural realm (“the heavens declare the glory of God…1”), as well as that invested in the great sages such as lord Buddha, Zoroaster, Mohammed, the Dalai Lama, and many others.  I am a keen gardener; I have studied and practiced horticulture and landscaping.  I’m a bush walker, and a lover of life and of all living things. Life is meant to be lived in perfect health, and to be forever.

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1 Psalms 19:1
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