The Main Information about Homeopathic Remedies

Poisonous substances, biological fluids and tissues, salts of heavy metals, etc. are often the basis for preparations. Often, homeopathy is mistakenly considered a “safe treatment” specifying herbal medicine, believing that homeopathic remedies consist of entirely natural plant ingredients. Few people know that:

  • there is no clinical evidence base on the effectiveness of homeopathic remedies. There are only individual observations, assumptions and hypotheses.
  • the mechanism of action of such remedies is still unknown.

Components for homeopathic remedies in the treatment of any disease are chosen according to the principle of “similar action”. That is, if a patient has allergic conjunctivitis (lacrimation, eye redness, itching), then onion juice can be taken as a basis for this remedy. In fact – a substance that causes effects similar to the symptoms of conjunctivitis.

Homeophasic remedies are made according to the principle of such multiple dilutions of the active substance in water. In such a prepared solution, it is impossible to detect even traces of the active substance.Homeopathic Remedies_Some Aspects

Consequently, any homeopathic remedy cannot be fully tested for the presence of certain components since no single analytical method can determine even one molecule of the active substance in a homeopathic preparation. All that modern science can define in a homeopathic medicine only such elements like water, sugar, alcohol, starch and preservatives.

It is impossible to overdose such a remedy, after drinking the entire bottle of tablets, for example. The body will take it as one normal dose. HS can be considered as an overdose only in the case of the repeated intake of small doses of medication, at small, equal intervals of time.

Coffee neutralizes the effect of the homeopathic remedy. Therefore, during the period of treatment with homeopathic preparations, one should refrain from taking coffee drinks. Despite a lot of conflicting data, homeopathic remedies, having a fairly high safety profile, remain very popular, and are used in many areas of medicine. Such remedies can be ordered in a specialized homeopathic pharmacy or you can purchase a ready-made homeopathic medication at any pharmacy.

Rules for the use of homeopathic remedies

  • In the absence of effectiveness, in the first 5 hours after the start of treatment with homeopathic remedies, the treatment regimen should be reconsidered, and possibly resort to traditional remedies.
  • On the background of treatment with homeopathic remedies, you should refrain from drinking coffee.
  • A break of at least 30 minutes should be observed between the intake of such remedy and food intake.
  • Solutions of homeopathic remedies cannot be stored and dispensed in any metal containers. Metal inactivates homeopathic medicines.
  • To improve the therapeutic effect, drops or solution should be kept for some time (about 1 minute) in the mouth, and then swallowed.
  • In case of an overdose, you should just drink a cup of coffee.

Storage of homeopathic preparations

  • Homeopathic preparations are stored without certain limits if you store them correctly.
  • It is better to keep medications out of sunlight and strong odors. That is, they should be stored in a dark place, opened for a short time, untouchable.
  • A dark bookcase with books or dishes is perfect for storage, the optimum temperature is room temperature.