Success Stories

Success StoriesSara (21): “I have always had acne but in very small quantities. But in winter the skin is always inflamed and there are large subcutaneous acne, which are very painful. So last winter the skin became inflamed and I had purulent acne again. My mother recommended to use herbs for inflamed skin and I decided to follow her advice. I bought the preparations at Sky Pharmacy. The composition included such herbs as birch buds, calendula flowers, burdock root, flax seeds, celandine grass, bird grass, plantain leaves, violet and mint. I took one tablespoon of the mixture and poured a glass of hot water. You’d better prepare the infusion in the evening and take it in the morning. The course takes 1.5-2 months. Of course, acne did not disappear immediately, but my skin stopped inflaming somewhere after 1.5 weeks. And old pimples began to disappear. The only thing is that this collection will not help get rid of red spots after acne, because I still have red spots. This collection is more suitable for those who have inflamed skin and acne. Acne no longer appears and now you can safely get down to work on the fight against red spots from acne. If anyone wants to try such herbs, please look first to whom they are contraindicated.”

Monika (37): “I do not remember the moment when I first became fascinated with natural medicine. In general, I have always been interested in issues of health, medicine, healthy lifestyle, various alternative methods of treatment. I used part of the recipes on myself, because how else could I know how this or that remedy would work. After reading the reviews, I noticed that most of them are about Tibetan herbs. This collection is also well known to me and I used it more than once. I would rather write about other herbs that are not less common. For example, gastric infusion. Why about it? I have repeatedly mentioned that I have chronic gastritis and chronic pancreatitis, and therefore, discomfort in the gastrointestinal tract occurs very often, even with diets and proper nutrition. Conventional treatment is useful, but you will not take the medicine all the time, will you? Herbs and alternative treatments are just perfect for the remission period. Spasms, painful sensations disappear very quickly, that is why I like this infusion so much and that is why I take courses even more than twice a year!”

Nathalie (23): “Recently, I noticed acne on my face. For me, it was a surprise, because, for all my 23 years, I had never had acne (a couple of pimples a year, not more). Besides, I have dry skin. At first, I thought it was related to a trip to another city (you know, sometimes the skin cannot get used to other water). But I was wrong: as time went on, the problem only intensified. Acne first appeared on the forehead area, and then completely occupied the entire right half of my face (the face was terrible, people began to ask what happened to my skin because it was always clean). It was unpleasant to hear it, but I did not give up! Another version was that during the trip I started taking some tablets on the advice of a doctor. It turned out that it could cause acne in some people. Unfortunately, I read about it too late (when I was already finishing a three-month course of taking the tablets). It can cause hormonal disruption in the body, which provokes a rash, especially on the forehead. I was about to take hormone tests. But most of all I was surprised at the fact that the left half of my face was absolutely clean! I began to wonder why the rash is dominant only on the right side? I found many reasons, one of them was most suitable for describing my problem: “perhaps there is a problem with any organ on the right side — the liver, the kidney, the lung.” Indeed, tingling in my right side periodically disturbed me (it was like attacks, especially at night). I wondered: is it possible to cleanse my body in a budget but effective way? I wanted to clear not only the kidneys, but also the liver and, of course, my face. In addition, the season of influenza epidemic came and it was necessary anyway to strengthen my immunity. I came across a recipe for a herbal infusion on the net, where the girls discussed methods of treating acne. The ingredients were ridiculously simple and budget. The herbs that make up the collection are really recommended for cleansing the liver and kidneys. I decided: why not? As a result, after six weeks, I have never regretted that I discovered the natural medicine for myself. Therefore, if there are no contraindications, I recommend that you try it too!”

Elizabeth (35): “In general, phytotherapy and homeopathy seemed always suspicious to me: I’d better take medicines than to make some teas. But after the next hair dyeing, I realized that I was just balding at my 20s! Balsams, masks, conditioners (rather expensive) did not help, I needed a quick recovery. I read a lot about herbs on the Internet, I decided to try, I had nothing to lose). I bought chamomile, sage, oak root, plantain, nettle, hop cones, burdock root, calamus root, linden flowers at the pharmacy. All mixed up, poured into a wooden bowl and put in a dark place. Began to brew for 1st. spoon in a glass of water and rinse every time I washed my hair. The first month I did not see any effect. I even began to despair… But gradually the hair became softer and more pleasant to the touch, began to grow faster, but most importantly, the hair that fell out before began to grow!!! After 3 months my hair looked completely healthy. Herbal broth saved my hair! I am very pleased with the condition of my hair.”